Medallion Hunt: 

To keep things interesting this summer, the team at RE/MAX Central thought it would be fun for residents to have an opportunity to participate in a series of medallion hunts this summer in and around our community. This is a way to win great prizes and have fun exploring our community. We kicked off our first hunt last Friday June 15th with a prize of $100.00 gift card to the Little Falls Country Club. At the bottom of this page you will find a photo of what you’re looking for and previous and current clues given. 

In order to be eligible to win, you must:

1. Like our RE/MAX Central Facebook page

2. Share clue post.

2. Once/if you find the medallion, you must take a selfie with the medallion where you found it and share to our RE/MAX Central Facebook Page.

If you miss any of the above steps, you are ineligible and the medallion will be re- hidden.

Make sure to follow our page to be the first the see new clues!


Medallion Hunt #1 Prize: $100.00 Gift Card Little Falls Country Club

Clue# 1: (6/15/18)

You will have to get down and look back up, because I am hiding under your butt.

Clue# 2: (6/19/18)

Where children play and people walk, it’s a place to relax and park your butt.

Good Luck!

(Real Estate Agents are not eligible to win)



Congratulations to our winners Brielle Harris and Company! 

Thanks to all who participated and stay tuned to our Facebook page for our next medallion hunt!